Ralf Kaiser

Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Kaiser Musix and Kaiser Klassix

I am a composer and musician. My Name is Ralf Christoph Kaiser and i attaches great importance to versatility. In my solo project, i play all the instruments by myself.
Music has played a major role in my life since early childhood: Three years of flute lessons were followed by nine years of violin and two years of drums. I started using what he had learned in these lessons in the school orchestra. This was followed by engagements in the jazz band Ventil, and after completing my degree in graphic design in 2000 i played in the band CMYK. The later band Glad Giants lead to the band Limoband where i am still an active member. 2013 i started my solo Projekt with the Label kaiser musix doing electronic music. 2015 i started composing orchestral music amd classical music. Some of my work you will find online as kaiser klassix. I had the idea to combine classical orchestra with electronic music. This lead to orcheter meets klassik songs. On this page here i give my score music and classical sheet music to the world. I would be proud if many orchetra will find my work and play my music. Many Thanks to all of the musicians who will play my music. Have a nice Time. Dear Ralf Christoph Kaiser